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How Entigrity Has Mastered Customization in Offshoring

The changing global scenario has forced businesses and firms to put their thinking caps on. It is imperative, for the survival of the firm, that the management analyze and recognize the problem areas of their firm functions and look into finding innovative solutions for the same. Thus, post the pandemic, we have observed that accounting firms across the globe have begun adopting offshore staffing solutions for their business. So much so that even from  smallest firms to mid-size and regional firms have begun to build and develop their offshore teams. 

Accounting firms have made a considerable shift towards engaging people from India. This has enabled the provision of incredible opportunities to talented accounting professionals in developing countries like India. Accounting organizations have also benefited from offshore staffing in a variety of ways, including increased profit, flexibility, and productivity without taking on significant risk or investment. Accounting firms reap a slew of other benefits by putting their faith in the knowledge of their offshore staff.


Entigrity teamed with nearly 300 new accounting firms this year, adding 450 offshore staff to support them during tax season and throughout the year. We've worked with small firms, firms with 10-50 staff, and even firms with 400 employees since our flexible hiring methodology is ideal for any firm size.   

Entigrity is a global leader in offshore staffing solutions for accounting firms. In addition to that, we're among 30 top 100 accounting firms' preferred offshore partners, notably Aafcpas, Somerset, HoganTaylor, KCoe Isom, LLP, and Perkins & Company. We're also among BDO alliance network firms' choice offshore staffing partners. The majority of the Mid-Regional & Leading Accounting firms chose Entigrity as their offshore staffing partner for a variety of reasons such as the innovative, efficient and streamlined service process we provide. 


Kim Dollin, CPA, Principal Partner with Somerset CPAs: (250+ Team Member)

Kim is a partner with Somerset CPAs. Somerset was confronted with significant staffing issues and learned that, in today's market, finding quality staff is costly. Kim, a member of the auditing department, saw the potential in working with Entigrity on an offshore staffing project and promptly referred it to the tax department. She has been a strong supporter of her team's onshore and offshore operations. Click here to read more

Somerset currently has 16 Entigrity team members (8 tax associates, 7 audit associates, and 1 virtual assistant), with plans to add another 7 in the coming days.

Kim mentions, “We commenced by recruiting auditors for financial statement processing and administrative work in our audit engagement and today we have 7 full time auditors with Entigrity. What we loved about this program was, we got to interview these individuals. We had a choice in who we hired, and we could express what we wanted. We needed people with two to four years experience on the audit side and we were able to successfully source.”

Jody Grunden- CEO, Summit CPA -Mid Size Firm (50+ Staff), Indiana.

Jody mentions, “We currently have 15 VCFOs and 30 senior accountants reporting to them, with each senior accountant having at least one offshore employee to help them. We are able to expand our clientele as a result of the cost savings, which is supporting the hiring of both onshore and offshore staff. Every year, we plan to hire 5-10 onshore and offshore employees.' Summit CPA began with one associate and currently employs a full-fledged offshore team of 17 people.” Click here to read in detail

G. Ted Stewart – Owner - Stewart Financial Services (15 Staff) , Lanham MD.

G. Ted Stewart  began working with Entigrity two years ago with two tax accountants and they are very happy with the services.

Ted says, “After about four years in business, my practice is started to grow. I realized that I cannot do this all by myself. I'm gonna have to get some help now. So it wasn't long thereafter I saw an advertisement on Facebook for offshore accounting and contacted the firm, which turned out to be Entigrity. I spoke with the Entigrity offshore accountants and they seemed promising. Basically, everything they said made sense to me. They seemed informed and possessed expertise in their field so I decided to give it a shot.`` Click here to read in detail

Tiffany Torr, CPA- Owner, – Blackbull Accounting (8 Staff) , California.

They began with three tax associates and swiftly expanded to roughly 6-7 employees for outsourced tax preparation services, as well as three additional bookkeepers. They now have a full-time crew on the ground, and they are entirely pleased with the services offered.

Tiffany says, "Outsource accounting to India is very easy. The staff in India is incredibly kind, humble, and very open to feedback. It's part of our company’s culture that no matter onshore or offshore, we are all one team! Our staff, our crew is always our #1 priority because if we focus on them, they can better serve our clients". Click here to read in detail

Hubert McIntosh-CEO, McIntosh Financial Group  (Solo Practice), Florida.

Hubert’s journey with Entigrity began two years ago with two tax accountants and bookkeepers.

Hubert Says, “We have two accountants on staff, as well as two virtual assistants, one of whom is being trained to be our virtual office manager. So far, Entigrity has exceeded our expectations. Entigrity adds a personal touch, assuring us that the assistant who works with us is likewise under the direction of someone in India.''. Click here to read in detail


Why is Entigrity is your top offshore staffing partner? Simply because you can hire someone for $10 per hour and save a significant amount of money on overhead, recruitment, and other costs... right? "No"

  • We exclusively work with accounting firms and are well familiar with their needs.
  • Our proven track record of working with over 600 CPA firms.
  • Because of our unique training and hiring environment, we are able to find the perfect people for our clients. We have over 1000 hours of unique content, including learning and development programmes, covering a wide range of technical and non-technical areas from intermediate to advanced.

For the past decade, since its inception, Entigrity has endeavored to ensure that it provides 

proactive and effective offshore staffing solutions to its clients. We have made certain that we cater with equal dedication and sincerity to firms of all sizes and forms. Maintaining our service quality is of the utmost importance to us. 

Regardless of the fact that you are a firm of hundreds or a solo practitioner, fulfilling your requirements is our responsibility. We aim to provide all our clients with the finest selection of offshore accounting staff and work towards facilitating a positive, honest and transparent experience for all parties involved. We are looking forward to further helping accounting firms in the coming days and hope to be a part of your journey as well. 

Entigrity™ is a trusted offshore staffing partner to over 600+ accountants, CPAs, and tax firms across the US and Canada. Our flexible and transparent hiring model gives helps firms of all sizes to hire staff for accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation, or any other task for 75% less cost. As a firm 'run by accountants, for the accountants', Entigrity captures the hiring needs of accounting firms most precisely, providing staff that works directly under your control and management, still, you are left with least to worry about compliance, payroll taxes, overheads or any other benefits.

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